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DIMA - San Pancrazio

Since 2020 D.I.M.A. has been managing the Intercultural Center "Don Giuseppe Torelli" in San Pancrazio, in the municipality of Bucine, province of Arezzo. D.I.M.A. has turned this place into an artistic residence where master classes, music festivals, concerts and educational and research activities are organized on a non-profit basis.


DIMA - San Pancrazio is dedicated to reflecting on what has been, through the language of art and study, with the intention of keeping alive the memory of yesterday. It is to be cultivated, like a seed, in our today and projected into the consciousness of tomorrow. These languages overcome misunderstandings of words, lead visitors into the experience of silence and listening, and make evident the inhumanity of war and division.

We want to give groups of students or adults, creative people, scientists, artists, researchers of all disciplines the opportunity to find in San Pancrazio a place where they can come together to work, study, exchange knowledge and explore the surrounding countryside and the most beautiful cities of Tuscany.

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