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Music and Memory - The Project of the 80th Anniversary

This project aims to pay special tribute to the history of San Pancrazio and Civitella. On June 29, 2024, on their 80th anniversary, the massacres will be commemorated with an event involving the Saar Music Academy in Saarbrücken and the Florence Conservatory. Beginning in January 2023, young German and Italian musicians will meet several times in San Pancrazio to jointly rehearse two works for chamber orchestra written especially for this anniversary by Stanislav Rosenberg, a Ukrainian-Jewish composer living in Germany, and an Italian composer. The final concerts will take place in San Pancrazio, Civitella and Florence and will be introduced by various performances by the participants during their stays in San Pancrazio. The project of the Musikhochschule Saar is accompanied by the professors Georgi Mundrov and Frank Wörner.

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